New shiny things this week


The overall economy may be in the doldrums, but things are hopping in Tech. Here’s a rundown of the new, shiny, things.

New tablet

All hail the Amazon Kindle Fire

New rumor

Facebook will make you pay for using Timeline. (not really)

New hoax

The Onion tweets a congressional attack.

New speculation

iPhone 5 & iPhone 4s?

New insight

According to Twitter humans have similar mood patterns across cultures.

New discoveries

TaskRabbit a service platform that connects those needing small jobs/errands completed with willing workers.

Turn Your iPad in a laptop

Zombies, Run!

Don Draper invents Facebook’s Timeline

USA’s Psych launches HashtagKiller social game

Jell-O “Jiggle-It” App wiggley debut

New lost iPhone

1 lost in China + 1 lost in San Francisco = 2

New money

    Pop Cap & Double Down Interactive go gambling.

New releases next week:

Facebook iPad App

For UI e-mail awesomeness