New Sheridan Hotel Featured In Monsa's Hotel Brand Identity

Yesterday we picked up a copy of Monsa’s Hotel Brand Identity by Marc Giménez, and took turns passing it around the office (namely to pages 60-63). What grabbed our attention? Take a look…


We’re honored to have our work for New Sheridan Hotel featured in the Monsa Hotel Brand Identity, and very humbled to be internationally recognized alongside some of the world’s best creatives, including Bravoistanbul, Mirko Ilić Corp., Bruno Siriani, Sebastian Litmanovich and more. Flipping through the catalog, each selection of hotel branding is truly one-of-a-kind, capturing all the little details that distinguish one hotel from another: business cards, magazines, “Do Not Disturb” hangers, letters, toiletries and the list goes on!

Now’s a good time to head on over to our portfolio to revisit the wonderful New Sheridan Hotel brand, and don’t forget to pick up your copy of Monsa’s Hotel Brand Identity!

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