An Unnatural Disaster

Shot Glass

We could’ve designed a kick-ass T-shirt. We could’ve slapped our logo on some sweet mugs and coasters. But would simple swag be enough to truly represent what Urban Influence is all about? Would that alone be enough of a gift to satiate our rabid fan base? No, of course it wouldn’t. They’re not easily satiated.

So we invented a drink. A drink as unique as the agency that created it. A drink that will make you ponder the importance of branding and raise your environmental consciousness all in one swig. A drink that will leave you thinking: “Why the hell did I just drink that drink?”.


It was born during a kinetic brainstorming session over an indeterminate fried meal (could’ve been chicken, might’ve been fish – we’re still not sure) at a local pub. And it has since taken the office by storm. Now we pass it along to you, in hopes that it provides a storm in your mouth.

We proudly present: The Exxon Valdez. A shot inspired by the 1989 oil spill in Alaska, it leaves an aftertaste that’s been aptly described as: an unnatural disaster.

Stay tuned for details on an official Valdez tasting party for our loyal fans. Until then, you can mix a Valdez at home with the following ingredients:


First, pour the Smoked Salmon Flavored Vodka into a relatively clean shot glass. Briefly savor the smell. Now recklessly add the Jagermeister, as you’d pour oil into the ocean. Shoot and repeat.

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