Goodbye, Noble Sir



This week our team had to say goodbye to our beloved Christmas tree.

We spent three magical weeks under his joyful watch. Working, playing, and enjoying the warm sense of merriment he provided.

Unfortunately, the life of a Christmas tree is a short one, and upon returning from our weeklong hiatus, we were forced to make the sad, yet inevitable, decision to put him to rest. He was given a proper funeral. Relieved of the ornaments, once so proudly worn, and left solemnly next to the dumpster in our alley. The service, as with past years, was quite emotional for everyone.

But as with all great Christmas trees, their passing marks not just the bittersweet end of the holiday season, but also the start of a new year. Gone are the bright lights and sweet aroma that filled our office. In its place are a bare corner and a few straggling needles, reminding us of the great times had and the great times yet to be had.

Christmas tree, your life and sacrifice has not gone unnoticed. Thank you, noble sir. You will be missed.

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