Open Position


FrontEnd Developer


You will have input into creative decisions and pitches as well as ownership of the technical decisions for all projects you are involved in. You’ll work closely with the developers, designers, vfx, creatives and producers in the team.

We’re looking for a creative badass to help design compelling and innovative brand identities and experiences, on time, and within budget. Portfolios must demonstrate ingenuity, originality, thoughtfulness, and versatility across a range of mediums and applications, and showcase work that brings strategic branding and marketing concepts to life.

What We’re Looking For

  • UI / UX
  • HTML5
  • CSS3 / SCSS / and Mixin Libs like Bourbon
  • Mobile-first responsive design
  • Experience with Javascript / Jquery, DOM manipulation and beyond
  • Integrating with XML / JSON APIs
  • Experience with open source CMSs like WordPress
  • A background of writing and deploying code, including experience with version control systems such as GIT & Github
  • A snazzy-ass portfolio, showcasing your work.
  • Working knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite
  • Understanding of good Information Architecture
  • An obvious dedication to writing code, good ui design, making the web better, and dropping fire until the break of dawn
  • Experience with HAML and Rails a huge plus
  • Desire to make projects awesome, regardless of your contribution
  • Flexibility and an eagerness to learn the latest approaches & emerging best practices

Other skills that will set you apart:

  • Ability to make designs better
  • Ability to thrive in a team environment and behave all human like
  • Ability to express your ideas constructively within a team framework
  • Proven track record of launching complex mobile/responsive web applications
  • Appreciation for writing modular, Object-oriented code
  • Understanding of team coding & documentation standards
  • Experience with front-end dependency tools like CodeKit, and Grunt/Gulp
  • A GitHub account with some nifty plugins and code nuggets
  • Evidence of being active on the interwebs
  • Coachable and willing to learn. Also willing to teach.
  • An appreciate for how to communicate constructively with people from non-technical background
  • Solutions driven approach to technical problems