5 colorful packaging projects to brighten your day

May 12, 2020 life

We’ve been feeling kind of gloomy in the coop as the clouds are starting to roll in more and more, so we’ve turned to outside resources for cheering up: the ever-changing world of design. To boost our moods and inspire our creative brains, we’re looking at colorful packaging projects.


How can you not be happy looking at these vibrant beauties? From brand development to innovative storage solutions, these colorful creations will help you beat the rainy-day blues in under a minute, guaranteed…or at least they did for us. No pressure. Check them out!


Winter Remedy by Sidse Melvang

Skin care solutions for the drying effects of winter weather? Sign us up. These simple but bold concepts will have you ready to cozy up by the fire, without a dry lip in sight.

Scandinavian simple meets chilly fresh, and we can’t get enough of these sharp little concepts.


Van Leeuwen Ice Cream by Natasha Jen for Pentagram Design

We hope this tastes as delicious as it looks. Those pastels look oh-so-sweet and we can’t get enough of these endless flavors. But, this project goes beyond the ice cream packaging and into a brand build we can’t help but want a scoop of (or ten).

It’s playful but not childish, and bright but not alarming. Fresh, clean, and creamy. What else could you want in an ice cream?


Jola Honey Mix by Tough Slate Design

Sweet, gooey, and oh-so-intriguing. This packaging + branding endeavor brings pattern and flavor to life with its swirly take on honey. By mixing wood with glass, cardboard with plastic tubes, this multi-material project takes the options for honey packaging to a whole new level.

It’s smart and fun while resourceful and practical, something that can be extremely challenging when experimenting with container concepts (especially when dealing with a product as messy as honey).

This bright project is sure to cheer you up and get your creative juices pumpin’.


Ringana by Viola Pruller and Sabine Kernbichler for Moodley Brand Identity

Ringana cosmetic packaging perfects the delicate balance between vibrantly crisp and alarmingly neon. These sharp boxes and product packs play with surprise and color, adding bright details without overpowering the design of the product itself.

Props to the designers for using such bold colors without overdoing it! We know, when you mix the perfect vibrant shade it’s excruciatingly hard to use it sparingly.

Peri.A by LOVE

Peri.A, fashion boutique in Hollywood owned by fashionista Peri Arenas, underwent a loud, proud and bold brand build by the LOVE team, and we’re hardcore crushing on their take on Arena’s personality.

With a collateral package to match her vibrant, sassy style, the store’s customers leave with nothing less than a louder-than-life impression. From witty stickers and gift card envelopes to cherry-red shopping bags, this project has us excited from type treatments alone.

Diamond-inspired angles and flirty colors tie together to create the perfect mix of edgy and femme, and sweet and sassy.

Have another bright project you’re loving lately? Want to know more about why we love all things unique packaging? Let us know! Comment here, shoot us an email, or connect on the ‘grams, @pigeonwisdom!

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