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December 3, 2020 design video

Dear Proud Business Owner,

Messaging today can wear any mask it chooses to serve very different purposes. Some messaging is meant to tease, while other messaging aims to inform viewers with clarity and transparency. Ultimately, messaging must be purposeful and engaging to entice your audience to take the necessary steps to connecting with you or your brand.

As shared in a previous blog post, producing a stellar video for one’s business is just as essential as the website. Both video and design complement one another and ultimately reinforce original content for the better. Video doesn’t need to be complex – little details can aid your brand in big ways. Here are three very different examples of what we mean…

VIDEO I: The 3 Second Facebook Scroller

Creating a visually engaging video that immediately hooks an audience’s eyeballs is key. With video becoming a standard sales tool on Instagram & Facebook, the first seconds of any video (3 seconds to be exact) needs to hold the viewer’s attention to count as “1 view.” That’s it. Naturally, nobody can fully explain a process as delicate and intricate as re-brading one’s entire website in that amount of time – but three seconds is all one needs to start generating data/views, and ultimately direct people to CONTACT your business.

This video was created with leftover footage from a past video shoot. It’s overall speed (and bizarre concept left open for interpretation) was all that the video required to keep eyeballs glued until the call to action. Whether posted on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram; this video is one of Urban Influence’s most watched videos posted to social media – and it drives traffic to our website. Most importantly, our work and project starter page. This video is one example of creatively making use of old projects/abandoned footage to create new content/tools that lead audience’s back to your business.


VIDEO II: Transparency + Comfort

You need a new website. You know your site needs a facelift, and you want to include some new updates + pictures, but beyond that – have you considered new ways that your site can serve your business? Que hero music: Urban Influence is on it. More on that later – first, you need to know how to build this foundation…

Video is a tool that directs an audience to an individual or destination. It’s a road-sing that points “home” for you/your business. In Urban Influences case, “home” is our Project Starter Page. Getting new clients here is the goal, and video is a great way to lead people there. Created to showcase the creative process to clients, here’s a transparent video that lays out the entire process in a nutshell – relax and watch this:


Are you in – or are you out?
The memorable brands speak boldly and fearlessly to their audience.
They shoot you straight and don’t waste anyone’s time.
They’re confident in what they can bring your business – so the question really is:
Are you in or out?

If so, let’s talk.
If not – cheers and best of luck.

There are many companies you could choose to create/brand/rebrand your website with, but let’s face it – it can be a daunting process. Wouldn’t you rather be directed to the right person/group that can help answer our questions, and tell-it-like-it-is while providing clarity and peace of mind that your brand is in good hands? It is and can be this easy. Lucky for you – and the rest of mankind – exists the ever-talented, all-knowing straight shooter Chris Loper(Dude writes a mean code).

Easily assuming the role of heavily-bearded, hipster/web-master, Chris can tell you with confidence and ease not only what isn’t working for your site (just by visiting it), but how it can be improved by teaming up with Urban Influence’s designers. This is quick-witted messaging that informs and entertains, equipped with a direct call to action – and some bitchin’ incentives just for reaching out to Urban Influence. Don’t expect this fast talking web-wizard to disappear anytime soon…

If you need more proof that Chris Loper is a pro, you may find this entertaining:

Hopefully one of these videos resonated with you, and stirs up some hearty conversation with your team in regards to improving your business for the better. We look forward to discussing the awesome, beautiful, un-tapped visual power of your business with you.

With Love + Vision, From The Future,
Urban Influence

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