Alto’s Adventure

December 7, 2020 design inspiration love perspectives post jumbotron shameless promotion

I’ve been playing this amazing snowboarding game, Alto’s Adventure, for the past couple weeks now and can’t seem to put it down.

It’s really addicting, beautifully designed, and ever-changing. One ‘button’ is all you need to play, creating more challenging and elaborate tricks during your run. You get to rescue llamas, grind atop buildings, flip over huge chasms, and out race awakened elders. It’s based upon the infinite runner games we’ve seen over the years, but none of them have ever touched upon the detail featured here. Thunderstorms, lightning, fog, blizzards, shooting stars, and more all look ridiculously good and add so much depth to each level. The music is all original and sounds great, especially headphones.

After a bit, you can also gain access to a Wingsuit, which changes up the game again, and allows us to race down the hill and perform amazing tricks along the way. You can also play as five additional characters, including a snowboarding llama, each with their own attributes and style of boarding.

Purchase the app here.

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