Andrew’s Top Ten Albums For 2010

December 14, 2020 uncategorized


Here it is, my top ten albums from 2010. A lot of great releases didn’t make the list, but these ten are some of my favorites from the year.


10. Freelance Whales – Weathervanes

Folky and electronic, Freelance Whales has a unique sound with a very natural-feeling vibe. A great debut album, and an excellent live band.

09. Baths – Cerulean

A late addition(I just started listening this week,) Baths is worthy of mention. A seriously gorgeous collection of songs with a great beats and production.

08. Frightened Rabbit – Winter of Mixed Drinks

Though they are starting to ride the fence of over-dramatic, this Scottish band’s third release still packs all the heart-ached songwriting from the first two albums but with a touch more optimism. Some very interesting melodies art what really elevate this album into my top 10.

07. Deerhunter – Halcyon Digest

A great album by a great band. Much of the songwriting was focused on memories, with each melody caked in nostalgia; some really beautiful music

06. Menomena – Mines

This one made all our lists this year, and for good reason. Portland-based Menomena far outdid their debut, releasing a collection of songs that was still breaming with creativity and authenticity.

05. The National – High Violet

The National’s songwriting and musicianship only continues to grow with each release. High Violet often showcases lyrics full of doubt and fear presented with a level of confidence few bands can match.

04. Maps & Atlases – Perch Patchwork

This was probably the biggest surprise of the year. I saw these guys opening for Frightened Rabbit in the spring and was completely blown away by their frantic fret-work and manic song writing. However, for their debut full-length, Maps & Atlases focused all that creativity into a short but sweet piece of art.

03. Fionn Regan – Shadow of an Empire

A modern troubador, this long awaited sophomore effort displayed a new, electric sound but the same ridiculous quality of songwriting.

02. Foals – Total Life Forever

Drastically different from their 2008 debut, Total Life Forever is confident, full of great, unusual  beats, and an awesome atmosphere.

01. Sufjan Stevens – The Age of Adz

Hands down one of my favorite artists. I was a little frightened when I first heard how electronic his sound had become(only because I love the banjo so much!) but my fears were quelled when I finally took my first listen-through. Seeing the new material live a month later solidified The Age of Adz as my number one album for 2010.

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