Another Urban Site Wins Again – Meet Vrge.

December 3, 2020 work

Meet Vrge – an online marketing firm dedicated to helping you navigate the politics of disruption.

The Project

A full service project, we provided Vrge with naming, branding (logo creation and other collateral) and interactive.

On the web front, we created a clean and simple marketing site focusing on content, typography (freight sans / freight big and freight text) and custom iconography. A super custom Wp build, the site’s brand-inspired ui and interactive elements included fluid, proportional layouts, offset grid elements, and sliced hover and navigation effects.

No seriously, content is king

With an essential content focus at the forefront of Vrge’s overall market strategy, we made blog design a huge part of the site. Special emphasis was placed on crafting bold post layouts intended for long-form, thought leadership pieces. And, no joke, they been killing it.

Over the last few months we’ve watched them drop a steady stream of thoughtful industry articles, that have really resonated on the Twitters and their other social channels.

The Round Up

Vrge is relatively new, but so far, the site has snagged features on Type Wolf, the Awwwards, and CSS Design Awards, where we received Special Kudos. Fingers crossed for a Site of the Day.

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