Antennagate Schmantennagate

December 14, 2020 uncategorized

If Apple was really, really wily – well, more like if I was a dedicated conspiracy theorist – I might suggest that Antenna-gate was a convenient way for Apple to distract everyone from from the fact that the iPhone 4 software was released prematurely. Last week, with my camera app completely crashing the phone on launch, the calendar unable to display events, and the email program displaying phantom messages and reviving deleted ones, I decided to take it into the shop. Apple readily replaced it, which was nice, but suggested that I set it up as a new phone rather than directly syncing my previous apps and settings, which was a bit of a pain. But most stuff is working now. (For the record, I never once considered switching to a non-iPhone. The screen resolution is amazing, the software is zippy, finally having a camera flash rocks, and I fully expect the kinks to be worked out soon.) The main, possibly only, lingering issue remains these funny phantom mails cropping up occasionally. Apparently nobody had nothing at all to say to me at midnight on New Years Eve 1969, and they were very insistent about it.

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