Apple’s New Genius Commercials (Make Their Customers Look Like Idiots)

December 14, 2020 archive

Good job Apple – Not only have you managed to get Steve Jobs barrel rolling in his grave (or cryo freeze tank?), but You’ve made Microsoft’s “Windows 7 was my idea” campaign look like a distinguished piece of creative marketing by contrast. These new ads are just terrible, and they do a really great job at making your customers look like idiots.


These ads feature a hapless Mac user, flailing about until the genius comes along to save the day. What I want to know, is at what point alienating the customer’s intelligence (and thus qualifying your products as hard to adopt) sounded like a great idea? At one point, your brand was built on the stewardship of intuitive experiences and an err of sexy sophistication that your audience lusted after. Apparently now, we need some highschool kid who wouldn’t have even been asked to attend the Dell Dude casting call to guide us through the harrowing process of using your products.

I realize you’re embracing a broader audience these days, but I’d like to think your popularity came about for a reason – namely that you didn’t pander to mainstream idiocy and compromise like everyone else in the wider marketplace. Perhaps it was just the vision of your madman dictator genius that kept the brand unified, but regardless, you’re descending fast… Please course correct before googly eyed office supplies start invading your products.

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