Cielito Querido

December 14, 2020 uncategorized

Cielto Querido

There’s nothing like finding the local’s spot when your traveling. However theres also nothing like walking into a place where you don’t speak the language. Cielito Querido is where the two meet.¬†Cielito Querido¬†feels like you got invited to Javier Bardem’s living room for a cup of coffee.

It’s a vibrant Latin- American eatery inspired by popular Mexican music. The Cafe’s name is straight from an 80’s pop song ‘Mexico lindo y querido’ which translates ‘cherished and beautiful Mexico.’ I love the bold hues and vintage graphic language. It’s reminiscent of hand painted signs and local grocery store windows. The use of color and shape reminds me of Mexican cement slab architecture where they paint the brightest colors they find on bold, geometric shapes. But the beauty is not just a rip of all things vintage. Its superiority is in the fun dance between modernity and nostalgia.

Peruse around the diverse interiors, modern furniture and fun typography. Mexican Studio, Esrawe- in collaboration with Ignaciao Cadena are responsible for the fabulous fusion of design.

So Bravo and Gracias. Next time you’re in Mexico, you know where to be.

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