Diesel Advertising Campaign: Be Stupid.

December 8, 2020 archive


“Like balloons, we are filled with hopes and dreams. But. Over time a single sentence creeps into our lives. Don’t be stupid. It’s the crusher of possibility. It’s the worlds greatest deflator. The world is full of smart people. Doing all kind of smart things… Thats smart. Well, we’re with stupid.” -Diesel

Stupid is smart according to fashion brand and jean manufacter, Diesel. Witty taglines coupled with bold photographs no doubt demand your attention but what are they saying? Be stupid. Love it or hate it this campaign got people talking. I happen to be the former, thinking that Diesel gets it… their audience anyway. These messages nailed a sentiment that resonates with my generation. We just want to have a great time. But is that smart or stupid?

What do you think?

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