Finding The Sweet Spot

December 7, 2020 post jumbotron work

When Chef’n needed to launch a new site to accompany their revolutionary new home ice cream maker – available exclusively at Williams-Sonoma – they needed a site that would not only promote their new product, but demonstrated how it worked to potential customers who have never seen anything like it before.

Positioned as an educational piece, we used the simplicity of the product itself as a reference point for the website, tying in the established aesthetic of the packaging, and translated that experience seamlessly to mobile devices for ice-cream lovers on the go!


An integrated marketing plan is expressed with the site’s design – a design that is formatted to integrate with social communication platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. This allows users to spread the website’s content, sharing recipes and photos with each other, with Chef’n, and potentially winning contests and giveaways in the process.


We created a user experience that, through simple scrolling, illustrated how the Sweet Spot Ice Cream Maker works. Because it’s as simple as it looks!

Buy your own Sweet Spot here. And visit the official Chef’n Sweet Spot Ice Cream Maker website for fun videos, recipes, and additional products.

Check out our case study on the project

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