Five Design Podcasts To Shove In Your Listening Holes This Month

November 23, 2020 design

Summer in Seattle means all the hipsters and hellions fill the streets to soak up as much Vitamin D as our skin can take in one season. Since getting outside means more opportunity for walking to work, sunny lunches, or free time, we’ve compiled a list of five podcasts for designers to blast in those artsy earholes of yours on your daily stroll through the city (or other mundane dwelling space…. or couch, for that matter). So, grab your coffee, lose the flannel, don your sunglasses, and check out these podcasts to jumpstart your summer of creativity.

Design Details

Hosted by Bryn Jackson and Brian Lovin, Design Details delves into weekly interviews with all types of visual creatives. Some guests include illustrators from AirBnB, Dropbox designers, Treehouse Directors and freelance veterans. Each interview covers the scope of career development, inspiration, advice and opinion. Check it out if you’re interested in getting first-hand stories from designers, developers and more on all things design, or if you want to stalk a certain creative with a slightly-above-average brain.

Design Matters

Design Matters was the world’s first podcast about design, and continues to broaden its spectrum by hosting a wide range of creative professionals from all fields, including playwrights, musicians, authors, painters, type designers and more. Host Debbie Millman generates stories from her guests that one would not otherwise have the opportunity to hear. Listen for all that out-of-the-box creative goodness your listening devices have been waiting for.

99% Invisible

Another podcast going beyond the traditional realm of graphic design, 99% Invisible reveals that design is everywhere, and brings it to the surface. It explains the stories behind design we interact with everyday, but mostly don’t think twice about. If you’re the 1% who wonders, creator Roman Mars is here to fill you in on everything you didn’t know you were missing from the world around you.

The Deeply Graphic Design Podcast

With six hosts, this show is sure to get those creative juices movin’ through your veins. Each host brings a unique perspective and background to discussions of design-related topics covered each week. Episodes cover anything from UX, to first-time career advice, designing for SEO, trendsetting and visual inspiration. Pop on over for a listen to this witty, relevant show for anyone remotely in (or trying to successfully weasel their way into) the design industry.

Type Radio

What else need we say? If you need more reasons than the title alone to check it out, ask yourself if you’re really entitled to be judging Comic Sans users.

Which podcasts did we miss?

Good podcasts are like bad stock photos: everywhere. Tell (or yell at) us about your favorite design podcasts on Instagram @pigeonwisdom (or bribe us to check out the one you host, and we will probably fulfill your request).

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