Four Tiny Inventions

December 14, 2020 archive


A. Brass Stow-Away Capsule: Handmade and assembled in Idaho, this wonderfully small device is perfect for stowing away cash, matches and keeping other small valuables safe. It’s water-tight to 200psi, features a smart self-tensioning laynard and a solid liquid-dampened compass inside the no-fuss press fit stopper. Such amazing amounts of detail fit into this beautifully presented tool.

B. P38 Can Opener: This little guy, the P38 (aka “The John Wayne”) was designed in 1942 for the US Military and was issued as part of an individual daily combat food ration. Delightfully simple and perfect for camping, this amazing tool should be kept in your glove compartment, backpack or tackle box–or all of them at once, with the Best Made 5-pack option.

C. Match Safe: While not quite as resourceful as the Brass Stow-Away capsule found above, this 1900-era reproduction remains surperbly faithful to the original. Just screw off the top and you have a secure chamber for matches, meds, love notes or other tiny reminders you don’t want anyone else to read.

D. Metropolitan Whistle: Weighing in at a whooping 1 oz., this gorgeous whistle was designed by Joseph Hudson way back in 1870– it is the perfect tool for waking that slacker in class or the more serious–locating friends while camping. Made out of nickel-plated silver brass, this timeless whistle comes in a Best Made muslin draw string pouch with both light and heavy duty leather laynards.

Pick up all of these items over at Best Made Company, makers of quality tools and dependable information that you can use and pass down for many generations. They are based out of New York City.

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