The Great American Shave Down

December 7, 2020 awards


While doing our research and looking at many of the members of the Arctic Club, we all began to notice something. These guys had some amazing facial hair. It was quickly decided that in order for all of us to be in the right frame of mind for the Arctic project, the guys would all have to grow (or attempt to grow) beards.

Being the newest kid on the UI block I was a bit unsure about the whole thing. I had two major concerns: 1. Could I even grow a beard? and 2. I was leaving for Mexico in a few weeks and the idea of a “beard” in hot weather sounded about as good as getting asked to use comic sans for all body copy on a project. However to show my support and dedication to the company and the project, I decided to go for it.

After the first week and a bit beards were starting to come it. Different techniques and styles were being taken. Mike was working on a well-manicured blond thin chinstrap beard, Nate was working on beard to rival his homeless gloves, Pete and I decided to go with full beard with a cleaned up neckline. As I left for Mexico things were looking good, we had definitely started to get the rugged Arctic look we were seeking.

I returned from Mexico with a full beard that kept me more than warm down there to find that almost everyone on the team had abandoned the idea of growing a beard due to “scratchiness”. The only other person still going strong was Mike with his blond shadow. We decided that we were all free to shave, but I decided I kind of was enjoying the new look and decided to sport it for a bit.

Eventually the time to shave did come. Since the whole process of growing it out was done in fun, I decided the process of loosing it should be as well. And that is what this whole post celebrates, “The Great American Shave Down.” A different look of facial hair for every day until it was gone. The photos below show the progression and sometimes the horror of what can be done with facial hair.

Day 1: This shows the full beard in its glory.

Day 2: Crazy chops and a full goatee.

Day 3: The crowd favorite of Chops and Handlebar mustache and soul patch.

Day 4: Creepiest day ever, chops, mustache, and soul patch. I had a strange urge to buy a white van on this day for some reason.

Day 5: The Nate Miller look, chops and a soul patch

Day 6: Normal naked face

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