How To Improve Iphone 4G Reception With The HiFidora

December 14, 2020 uncategorized

can you hear me

No one enjoys purchasing an expensive phone only to find out that its reception is poor when you do something outrageous – like hold it. Fortunately, the minds at Urban Influence have found a cheap and ingenious solution that will not only improve your cell phone reception, but allow you to talk with life in other planets (there isn’t an app for that yet). Introducing the HiFidora: the first cell phone antenna you can wear. How does it work? Simply hold your phone to the giant metal carapace adorned to your head and you can actually FEEL the signal strength growing stronger. Warning: product may dramatically increase the risk of cancer whilst using a cellular device.

Features include:

  • Stylish and easy to use tin foil hat
  • Increased reception of network signals from Earth and Alpha Centari
  • Chin-strap extension to prevent losing hat in windstorm

At this time, the product is still in beta testing, but rest assured – it works.

Still having trouble?

Seriously though, if you’re having trouble with reception there has been speculation that skin contact with the metal bands at the side of the device are preventing proper functionality of the antenna. The current theory is that using a phone case will allow you to hold the phone without actually touching the metal strip – thus improving signal strength. See here for a real fix

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