Influence Sound: Dynamite Steps, The Twilight Singers

December 9, 2020 uncategorized

Dynamite Steps

The fifth full-length album from The Twilight Singers once again finds Greg Dulli firing on all cylinders. I love the moody, late-night feel he brings to all of his releases. Also, he’s never one to get caught up on prefect pitch, allowing his voice to seep with raw emotion, helping the songs feel more immediate. ‘Be Invited’ brings back a welcomed duet with fellow Gutter Twin Mark Lanegan. There is some new territory explored on ‘She Was Stolen’ and ‘The Beginning of the End’, both of which are fantastic, instantly classic Dulli-penned songs. He really utilizes his falsetto on the former, and those Timpani drums sound epic. ‘Gunshots’ took on a new meaning for me following the recent shootings in Arizona.

I think the album flows really well from start to finish, and doesn’t feel like a collection of songs. I did buy the vinyl, which sounds great, and is a white marbled color. The art is okay, not sure what that image is on the front cover. It kinda looks like those claymation guys from the Tool videos. Inside, the photos are moody and dark, and that screen-backed devil looking demon is really creeping me out.

All in all, another great album from Greg Dulli and is sure to stand the test of time–much like his previous efforts already have.

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