Influence Sound: Tame Impala, Innerspeaker

December 7, 2020 uncategorized


tame impala innerspeaker1

This album has been out for a while, but it doesn’t really matter when the music is this good. Enter Tame Impala, a relatively new band here in the states, but they’ve been around since 2007 in Australia. A four-piece psychedelic rock beast, Tame Impala fires on all cylinders with Innerspeaker. Lead singer and guitarist, Kevin Parker sounds eerily like John Lennon on most tracks, which is great for me, since I’m a huge Lennon fan. The music is a wall of sound with some jams exceeding the 10 minute mark. It’s great to see some psychedelic rock brought back. Standouts include¬†It’s Not Meant to Be, Lucidity, Solitude is Bliss and the epic Runway Houses City Clouds.

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