Inside The Coop: Chaun Osburn

December 3, 2020 life

Great collaborative work is challenging.

At Urban Influence creating beautiful web experiences is the ultimate goal. Everything created within the walls of Urban Influence comes from talented humans—each with a powerful voice.

The work is crafted with a unique perspective and vision that caters to different brands’ identity—but what about the identity of these creators?
Who are they, and how do they get inspired to create?
What drives these people to create, and what stifles creativity?
What’s better: Big team VS. Small team dynamics?
What do we love about working in a creative industry? What are we fed up with?
How do we envision workflow for the better?

We ask ourselves this stuff daily.
So how does a group of very different people with different lifestyles achieve these goals together?

Urban Influence receives a great deal of email, letters, and comments that inquire about our workplace, processes, and our thoughts on design—and rarely do we get a glimpse of what these creative people are like beyond a profile photo and brief, sometimes witty web bio.

So let’s get real.

The Urban Influence team aims to shed some light on these subjects by answering your questions, being transparent about our thoughts on certain aspects of our industry, and hopefully we get some healthy conversations started with you and your company of collaborators that jump-starts more minds to get to work.

We’ve got to start somewhere, so who better to throw into the hot seat first than Senior Art Director and beloved creative leader, Chaun Osburn.**

**(Out of respect, we mis-spelled his name in the video and gave him a more fitting title. #SorryNotSorry).

We hope you’ll enjoy these videos as much as we enjoy sharing them.
Please send your questions and thoughts to: [email protected]

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