Inside The Coop: Chris Loper

December 3, 2020 life

It’s Monday again. That means your email questions get answered by the team of Urban Influence. Once again, your hard-hitting questions in regards to life, interests, design misconceptions, and favorite aspects of working at Urban Influence will be answered.

Week one introduced our series with Senior Art Director, Chaun Osburn. Last week, we dove into more art direction Q&A with Mary Rauzi. For our third episode in the series, we amped up with your hardest-hitting questions yet – answered with the ever deep wisdom of one Chris Loper: Lead Developer.

May your minds fully absorb the weight of this man’s words – as they may provide you with new insight into the world of web development, and might very well change how you live your life.

Ladies & Gentlemen, behold – Chris Loper. You’re welcome.

We hope you’ll enjoy these videos as much as we enjoy sharing them.
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