Inside The Coop: Kate Matsudaira

December 3, 2020 life

Geeks unite! Your wise leader has arrived to school you in the ways of managing your time, budget, creative process – and ultimately your future successes. Holy crap. I won’t keep you in suspense any longer: I’m talking about a woman who has the power to ultimately re-configure your business and strategies for the better – Kate Matsudaira.

As the undisputed champ of building tech-startups, personalized goal-setting, business communication, and business development, Kate’s well established knowledge of everything tech translates to the masses not just in the greater Pacific Northwest but across the country. [Proof]

We were able to snag Kate for a short while to pick her brain on REAL topics…in particular, reading essentials, cute pets, and candy/fuel. This week’s installment of “Inside The Coop,” Kate lets us in on her favorite things that fuel her, inspire her, and propel her forward to dominate the world of tech.

We hope you’ll enjoy these videos as much as we enjoy sharing them.
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