Nice Apps

December 19, 2020 inspiration learn life love perspectives post jumbotron

Don’t worry, nowadays most people are. One of the best parts of owning a smartphone is the ability to download apps.

I often ask friends what apps they’re currently into, and enjoying sharing my favorites with them. With over 900,000 apps in the iTunes App Store, chances are your friends can suggest an app you’ve never heard of but definitely need.

Current heavy hitters include the must-haves like Instagram, Twitter and Yelp. I love the Podcasts app from Apple, which delivers new episodes of my favorite podcasts like The Todd Glass Show and Chewin’ It with Kevin and Steve right to my phone.

Apps like OneBusAway, Uber and WSDOT make dealing with riding the bus or getting around Seattle much easier.

My newest downloads include Buzzfeed, Shake, Twitterrific, Snapchat, Crowsflight, Weathertron, Ness, VSCOcam, Duolingo (makes learning a language into a game), Strava for tracking my mountain bike rides, and WordPress for managing my blog.

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