An Ode To Photoshop

December 19, 2020 archive


I am more then halfway through my internship already and I am just as enthusiastic as I was the first day I started.Working in a collaborative environment and designing as a team was hard for me to adapt to at first but I have grown to work comfortably with my fellow designers and appreciate their insight.


One of the things that I have learned from my experience here at Urban Influence is getting well acquainted with Photoshop. I have always been ambivalent about Photoshop,  there are endless possibilities to create things that it is easy to derail from getting things accomplished, you can end up unorganized with hundreds of layers relatively easily, and you do not have the option of having multiple art boards.  Using it everyday for the past month has been a great learning experience.   As I have maneuvered my way through all of the intricacies of Photoshop, I have had enough experience to know how to organize my layers properly, make clipping masks efficiently and to design layouts in it. It has made me become aware of the interaction between designers and developers and how much the medium dictates the tools that a designer uses.  I am excited to get better at web design and get as comfortable as I can with in the parameters of web design.  Having the opportunity to design a website has enabled me to explore the rules and see how much flexibility I have within the guidelines of the world wide web.

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