Old Creek, New Online Space.

December 19, 2020 design learn post jumbotron shameless promotion

Old Creek was seeking an online space that represented the breadth of their offerings – custom cabinetry, doors, and installations – in a form that presented the leading characteristics guiding their craft process.

The technical parts.

Working from this standard, the Urban Influence creative engineering team designed a user experience for Old Creek online that showcased the consistent quality and classic design of the company product through page-wide original photography and intuitive interaction that resisted distracting from the focus.

As is often the case in today’s online world, the Old Creek needed to appeal to users accessing the website from desk-based and hand-held devices; the website was designed and constructed to be mobile-first – built on a dynamic, proportional grid system – a concept developed and curated by our lead front-end developer, Stephen Scaff.

The creative parts.

The overarching online aesthetic for Old Creek is best characterized as organic; from the nature-centric imagery and tones of the color palette, to the comfortably confident voice and monogram logo capturing the company’s leading letters in a door-like shape – our vision for the website was realized in a comprehensive review of the company and its product.

But really, check it out.

All of this said, we’d prefer to show and not tell. Please navigate to the Old Creek website here, to appease your curiosity.

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