One Pacific Is Now Old Police Headquarters

December 10, 2020 uncategorized

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San Diego’s Landmark Old Police Headquarters is renamed.


Designed by master architects in the 1930s, this elegant depression era complex was a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to housing police dispatch, jail and court in one central location.

The historic structure has been abandoned since the Police Department relocated in 1987, leaving a massive public dead zone frequently referred to by San Diego residents as ‘the pink monster.” This past winter Terramar Retail Centers negotiated with the Port to initiate adaptive reuse of the building, reintroducing it into the public life of San Diego residents. Reincarnation of the community is envisaged as a Cali blend of Seattle’s Pike Place Market and the social atmosphere of an Italian Piazza.

Previous attempts at branding unfortunately christened the location One Pacific, a reference to its address, which virtually steamrolled all sense of history and context from the name of the property. Working with the Leasing Studio, Terramar named the property Old Police Headquarters, a straightforward representation of the property’s former usage with a slightly sophisticated tinge, rooting the property in resident’s minds as a place to return and rejuvenate—where mornings begin and evenings end.

Urban Influence kicked off the rebranding of Old Police Headquarters with logo exploration- the final pick, executed by Chaun Osburn, directly references the unique architectural features of the property and classic typography.

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