Perfectly Ugly

December 19, 2020 archive
It looks like the bastard child of a 1978 Vancouver Canucks jersey and a pack of Newport cigarettes. So it’s no surprise that in the few weeks since it was “leaked”, the new logo of the Miami Marlins (previously known as the Florida Marlins) has already taken a ruthless online drubbing. Admittedly, it’s easy to hate.
But the more I consider it, the more I like it. In many ways, it represents Miami – a city that has always embraced all things modern (even the South Beach art deco was new once). Miami doesn’t pretend to have the storied history of New York or Boston or Chicago. It’s tacky sometimes, sure, but it’s distinctly Miami. For a city that has established a reputation for designer parking garages, this logo feels just about right.
And let’s be honest about baseball: it’s a little too in love with the past. For teams with storied traditions, it makes sense to hold onto it. Who would ever want to change the Old English “D” of the Tigers, or the interlocking “NY” of the Yankees? But this is a team that was born during the height of the Gin Blossoms’ fame. They don’t have tradition. They’ve miraculously managed to win two World Championships since 1993, but it doesn’t make sense for them to create a faux historical look.
So count me in the minority – I like the logo. It pushes the envelope a bit for baseball and represents the aesthetically forward-looking city that the team calls home. Although, that outfield sculpture – that might be a little much.

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