Plist_parser.Js – Property List To JSON In One Line Flat

December 19, 2020 work

plist parser

Recent experimenting with Appcelerator Titanium mobile development, I first started duplicating a little prototype app I’d already written with Xcode and Objective-C.  It consumes a Property List from the Urban Influence website and uses the embedded data to construct a drill-down navigation UI of our client portfolio.  That’s great, it’s a nice simple app I built to learn the basics of iPhone development.  But when I tried rewriting this prototype in Titanium, I quickly bumped into the problem of wanting to consume that same plist without having the native iOS library functions available to handle property lists trivially.  I was working in JavaScript.  I looked around and found an existing library on GitHub, but it wasn’t really what I was looking for in terms of portability and robustness.

So I figured I’d throw one together and release it.  It’s called plist_parser and it’s available on GitHub. I wonder if this need crops up enough that someone will find it useful?  If so, well, there it is.

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