The Police’s Synchronicity

December 7, 2020 work

I am amazed by this post over at Graphic ExchanGE on the album artwork for Police’s album Synchronicity. I didn’t know there were so many iterations of this album cover. What seems like a simple solution quickly evolved into something complex and quite beautiful. I love the super-high graphic feel of the photos and splashes of color. Alas the album type could use some love, but could you imagine any other font being used?

This LP sleeve is timeless enough to have an impact in today’s endless sea of digital packaging, and it pleases me that now more and more artists are turning to special editions of their music, because well, it just looks better. That’s a huge reason why I still love to pour through the record stores, to see the art. I am really pleased that vinyl seems to be making a slight comeback, and this album’s UK colored vinyl looks amazing.

If you have some more time to kill, check out this huge collection of The Police on Flickr.

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