Positively perfect product photos: The Spark Planner Kickstarter

December 7, 2020 a peek inside design inspiration post jumbotron work

Everyone has goals. The Spark Planner wants to make it a little bit easier for you to achieve yours, and look good doing it.

Before she joined us here in the coop, one of our principals, Kate Matsudaira, built and grew a successful brand of notebooks called The Spark Notebook that first made a splash on Kickstarter. When she decided to launch a campaign for the second iteration of her handcrafted, proven planning system, the first thing she knew she needed was amazing product photos.

Since most of us internet users have attention spans just slightly longer than that of the average goldfish, you have to make sure your visuals are on point if you want your Kickstarter campaign to be a success. Brilliant as your idea may be, no one’s going to read the text if your images don’t look interesting.

Drawing people in immediately, then, is a must. And product photos are a perfect way to make a great first impression. They tell your story in a way that’s instant, emotional, and, if they’re done right, that makes the viewer want to get to know your product.

That’s where our Art Director Mary Rauzi came in.


Captured in these photos are both the love of organization and clean lines that draw users to the Spark Planner, but also the spirit positivity, enthusiasm, and hopefulness that inspires people to contribute to Kickstarter campaigns.

These photos then align perfectly along the copy that supplements them from the Spark Planner Kickstarter page:

“You don’t need to be perfect or have superpowers to be successful. You just need the right tools. Anyone can be amazing. You can be amazing.

The Spark Planner is sleek, beautiful, and designed to make you more successful. We have taken the science of setting and achieving your goals and wrapped it into one beautifully designed planner – and you won’t want to start your year without it.

With the Spark Planner, success is always at your fingertips.”

Mary also created detailed layout explanations to help potential pledgers see exactly how the Spark Planner works. Cutting into the original shots, you get up close and personal with the system itself, without having to read long, dense blocks of text to understand:


The Spark Planner Kickstarter just launched, and you can check out all the photos on the campaign page right now! These notebooks may be more than just a pretty face, but in the world of Kickstarter, a good photo can make all the difference.

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