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December 19, 2020 design learn post jumbotron work

How do you bring non-profit transportation to life in a city like Seattle?

Strategically Positioned / Beautifully Designed

How do you emotionally connect with seemingly disparate sets of target audiences? How do you build a brand that helps guide a company’s growth? How do you establish a brand voice that dances between the professional and the approachable?

These were just a few of the challenges when we started working with the Puget Sound Bike Share non-profit on the branding for their new bike share program in early 2014. So when Seattle spoke Urban Influence listened – and we asked a lot of people!

Pronto is fast,  global, and easy to say. It speaks to – and can be pronounced by – all of its target audiences, locals and non-english speaking tourists alike.

And that makes a lot of sense: Pronto is simple, convenient, easily accessible transportation that liberates users from the prescribed, the pre-determined and the mundane. This fun alternative to public transportation encourages exploration and adventure, is instantly identifiable, and quintessentially Seattle.

Conceptually and visually grounded in a strong sense of place, the Pronto personality is a casual yet bespoke travel experience that celebrates and elevates the local urban fabric, dynamically integrating the system and its users into a rapidly changing transportation vasculature.

Pronto’s graphic language is a high contrast representation of the Pacific Northwest and the urban landscape you’ll see when using Pronto’s bike share program.

Pronto rolls out fall 2014, so be sure to stay connected:

Check here for the full case study.

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