RGB Wallpaper

December 9, 2020 work


I’m surprised we hadn’t mentioned this before, but I stumbled across this RGB wallpaper again, and it’s too cool not to bring up. The designs were done by Italian studio Carnovsky, for the Milan based shop of Janelli & Volpi, a well respected wallpaper brand. The illustrations are in three layers, in red blue and green. In plain light, it becomes hard to distinguish the focus, or what is trying to be represented. However, when shown in a red, blue, or green light the respective layer shows through, while the others fade back.

I imagine it must be pretty awesome to see it in person, but as the show is in Berlin, we’ll have to settle for these on-screen versions.. There are a series of smaller prints as well, with a stronger focus point that are just as impressive. Some inspiring work…

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