Shameless Promotion Of A Product: Part VII – Jolida JD102B Stereo Amplifier

December 9, 2020 work

Jolida Amp

Take a look at this stunning amplifier from Jolida. So much beauty comes in simplicity. This would look so good next to my custom vinyl player. Where do I sign?

Some specs from the website:

  • Fully Integrated Stereo Amplifier: Input 900mV driving 20 watts, maximum 25 watts output.
  • Multiple Inputs: CD and Aux (for Tuner, TV, DVD Player, VCR, Tape Recorder, Computer and etc). Tape Loop and Pre-Out are available on request.
  • Right and Left Stereo Balance Control: + 20dB at both right and left front panel control.
  • Custom Wound Audio Transformers with a core of German grain oriented silicon steel. 15th generation proprietary design. Secondary can be configured for a 4 ohm or 8 ohm load.
  • Top Panel Bias Testing Terminals with Bias Adjustment Controls.
  • State of the Art Components: Gold plated RCA input jacks, gold plated five way speaker connectors.

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