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The Pigeon Wisdom team is proud to announce that our full-service project for S&P Real Estate just snagged some love on CSS Design Awards and the Awwwards.


About S&P

S&P is an international boutique specializing in the design, marketing and sale of luxury and “super prime” real estate.

Collaborating with an extraordinary repertoire of developer clientele, S&P create’s desire and demand for luxury real estate in the world’s great financial, cultural and recreational capitals. With a portfolio consisting of such breathtaking projects as the Vancouver House, S&P exclusively represents some of the most geometrically inspiring and emotionally moving structures in the world.

As a full service identity and interactive project, the goal was to fortify a sleek and unified end-to-end brand experience reflective of the Company’s passion and devotion to excellence. Simple and confident. Minimal, yet purposeful.

The Site

The interactive component of the project embodies that high-end swagger through a reserved palette, consistent UI patterns, meaningful interactions, and a focus on amazing architectural imagery.

As a custom WordPress build, content authorship is handled via our system of drag-and-drop modules, allowing for more control of storytelling objectives. Instead of a static set of fields, or a single content region and WYSI, each page and post is constructed from a series of reusable UI components that can be selected and ordered as desired.

This intuitive approach to site management enables the S&P team to craft unique experiences wherein the content dictates layout and flow. They now have a platform that can support the Company’s continuing evolution, while broadcasting their unique voice to the architecture, design, and luxury real estate communities.

The Nods

The site was awarded Special Kudos on the CSS Design Awards and Honorable Mention the Awwwards. Big thanks to both camps for their support.

Check The Site

Make sure to visit the site at: Sprec.com

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