Summer Love(S)

December 19, 2020 inspiration

Hello guys and gals, summer is almost here, can you feel it? Well, I do, at least today anyway… I’d like to give props to some of the apps and services that have made my life on the computer that much easier, and will continue to do so this summer.



First, we’ll go with Wunderlist, a free task management app from 6Wonderkinder–an innovative team from Germany. Everyone on the team shares the same vision– you being more productive. This app is great for keeping up with all the crazieness that happens daily. It all syncs up with every device, and you can share these with colleagues and family. I love the clean interface and background choices, and it’ll only get better with updates.



Remember when you used to save everything to a flash drive and take home to work? I kinda do, but my memory is getting foggy since I found CloudApp. “To the cloud” is usually what takes place in my head next, but it really is so nice to have files and bookmarks on the go, wherever I need them. Oh, and the clean UI and easy-to-use functionality is what tugs at my heart strings the most.



Finally, I’ve just begun using Sparrow, a social email client used mainly for my ever-growing Gmail accounts. I love the setup of this interface, very similar to the old Tweetie interface. It makes me want to read through emails again. I feel so much more organized and don’t feel stressed anymore ’cause I don’t have to visit the confusing Gmail web interface anymore.

So there you have it, I’m getting more organized this summer, and I can’t wait. I hope you get inspired to check some of these great products out soon.

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