Texas Timber Bats

December 14, 2020 inspiration perspectives

Ah summer… Nothing beats watching a ball game with that hot sun bearing down on ya while you sip on a nice cold beer. None of that would be possible without a good wood bat. Enter Texas Timber, a USA-based company that makes some great wooden bats, based out of, you guessed it–Texas.

Joe Hardin and his father Wayland started Texas Timber back in 1998 and have done very well in the custom wood bat arena. They don’t back stock any of the bats–100% of their bats are hand made to order. And each bat is turned on a wood lathe by hand. The logo and barrel engraving are also done by hand. As you can imagine the bats take hours to produce but they value the process over quantity.

I really love their ideals and their end product is just gorgeous. They look extremely well-made and have such nice attention to detail. Their website features a huge range of finishes and handles, but this particular collaboration with 50built.com stood out for me.


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