Thanks For The Kudos!

December 3, 2020 work

The CSS Design Awards crew just finished up their Best Of 2015 awards, and guess what?

Designer of the Year went to…. Phoenix.
Yep, not us. Congrats to Phoenix – they stay dropping fire. However, the CSSDA team did throw a Designer of the Year Special Kudos our way, so it’s cool. Appreciate the nod fellas… and the nifty certificate.

It’s Been a Good Year

Straight up, it’s been a nice year for the Pigeon Wisdom squad, especially on the interactive front. On the CSSDA alone, we managed to pull quite a few features and Sites of the Day.

So once again, a big-ass thanks guys! It truly is an honor to see our work featured on one of the main cuts we all hit for inspiration. Keep up the great work (ps – love the new site).

Look Out 2016

So, onward to 2016. We’ve already launched some great projects, with more exciting stuff on deck. Here’s for another great year at the nest. Stay tuned ya’ll.

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