The Ruins Of Tatooine

December 8, 2020 inspiration life perspectives post jumbotron

Look at the ruins of Luke Skywalker’s childhood homeland. Uncle Owen? Aunt Larue?

Apparently, they left the sets from the movie to quietly drift away in the desert sun and here is the result some 36 years later. It looks like the Hutts left their mark.

Photographed in the Tunisian desert by Rä di Martino.

Pretty creepy huh? Everything still feels like it was/is in the movie. I keep looking and waiting for some Jawas to come by and try to sell me some half-working droids. The only thing I can’t shake are the newly CGI-created images that destroy the new versions. Can we please get the original trilogy without those scenes on Blu-Ray? Mr. Lucas? Oh, dear, we’re doomed.

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