The Wonderfully Creepy World Of Emily Carroll

December 14, 2020 archive design inspiration life love perspectives post jumbotron shameless promotion uncategorized

I love scary shit. It comes in waves though, so after finally seeing The Babadook (an Australian horror flick) I am totally in the mood for anything and everything freaky/creepy/eerie, especially in written form…

What happy timing then, that I should come across Emily Carroll‘s work – a fantastic, Ontario-based illustrator/writer. I was absolutely taken by her illustration style, which I first witnessed in her recently published, first book, Through the Woods, (which you should pick up immediately!) What drew me in even further, was the much more mature, horror (both psychological and more tangible) and fairy-tale themes, not to mention the wonderful compositions both on the printed page and the web.

If you’re looking for something wonderful and spooky, set aside 30 minutes or so (preferably around midnight) to read through a few of her stories (and pick up the book!) If you only read a few, check out Margot’s RoomThe Prince & The Sea, and Out of Skin.

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