Typeface of the Week: Antenna

December 9, 2020 archive

Antenna Specimen

I’ve been working with Antenna recently—it’s such a great typeface. Designed by Cyrus Highsmith in 2007, this versatile sans has been my bread and butter of late. Influenced by Swiss design, but American at heart, this typeface places importance on the variation of its counter shapes with the spaces between characters.

The super family spans seven weights including compressed and condensed versions, extending beautifully across any project. Plus, each weight is designed to work in tandem with the other weights, giving it complete flexibility from delicate body copy to a large and in-charge headline. I love working with this typeface and hope I can use it for many projects to come—but maybe not too many, or clients will begin to wonder why this family is being used in everything we produce, ha.

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