Urban Influence: Work Reel 2016

December 3, 2020 code

Everyday we get harebrained ideas, and we never know where they’ll lead us.

It’s these nonsensical ideas that somehow jumpstart creative juices in our brains, and before we know it, we’re creating some seriously epic work, creative content, and telling new stories.

One of these ideas – not so crazy – was to create a showreel of Urban Influence​’s top creations that paired well with our case study work and online portfolio. In the collecting and arranging of all our projects, we realized we’re up to our asses in logos, websites, rebrands, and video. This is a larger undertaking than we may have realized…(take shot of whiskey).

How can we possibly show all of our creative work?
What do we share about ourselves as creatives?

It took a lot of coffee. And whiskey.

But why is the entire Urban Influence team in jail, you ask?

I’m getting there. Ideas were beginning to run wild. Creative differences began to clash. Long story short, eventually a massive fight broke out when we couldn’t decide what colors our text should be. (We settled on white).

Before we knew it, there we were: One big happy family, working together…behind bars.*** (No, not at Sam’s Tavern). The big-house. Bail was NOT cheap.

Time Behind Bars

We’d had enough time behind bars to reflect on our actions, our words, and our team dynamic. We hugged it out. It was super sweet. Now that we’d gone through this painstaking creative process, the team came to a mutual understanding and agreed on simply sharing some of our top projects, awards, and successes from this past year in this beautiful video work reel. It’s a lot easier than creating parade floats that represent each other’s favorite designs, rebrands, and sites. (Yes, that was the original idea).

At the end of this chaotic journey, we are now proud to say that we made it out alive, and simultaneously created this badass work reel for your viewing pleasure. You’re welcome.

***This shit’s fictitious. It’s not real. We never went to jail, (Mom).

The Urban Influence Team

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