Welcome Thomas Vaeth

December 2, 2020 life

This pigeon has been in the coop for a few weeks now, but we are happy to introduce you to Thomas Vaeth.

Our newest Web Developer has been keeping busy with projects and running the ping pong table, but we managed to pull him away for a quick nitty gritty.

Where are you from?

Philadelphia, the place that loves you back. It is also the place where Ben Franklin hid a bunch of clues for Nicolas Cage to run around and find to get a lost treasure.

What’s your favorite food?

Chicken pizza. No, chicken teriyaki. No, chicken tacos. Maybe my favorite food is just chicken? Or Starburst jellybeans. But it might also be broccoli. I really like broccoli for some reason.

What do you like to do on the weekends?

Typical Seattle stuff. Wake up and check if it is raining, but binge watch Netflix whether it is raining or not. Complain about how I want an east coast bagel with egg and bacon for breakfast. Go to Rocket Fizz and pick up a 4-pack of root beer. Nap.

Where have you worked in the past and what did you do?

Associate Scientist at Johnson & Johnson. I was part of a small team in research and drug discovery where I would test the purity of compounds before performing any further procedures on it.

What do you love most about being a Web Developer?

Being able to build something. I love being a Web Developer because I am able to think of an idea and make it a reality. Front end web development is always changing too with different practices and frameworks, so it really never gets old. Some people say their job is never the same two days in a row, but it really never is the same being a web developer (unless I am stuck on a bug for longer than expected).

Favorite vacation you ever took and why?

I went to Thailand last year and it was đź’Ż. I hopped around hotels between Bangkok and Phuket, but I think I would fly straight to Phuket next time. I mean Bangkok is awesome. Wat Pho was an absolutely beautiful temple, you can find anything you can imagine at the Chatuchak Weekend Market, but the $5 1-hour massage on the beach cannot be beaten. And watching The Beach at the beach. WHAAAT!?

But I also have to give a shout-out to my sisters, parents, and grandparents for one of the many summers we spent in Hatteras, North Carolina.

If you could have a super power what would it be?

Calculatorman. Just be able to calculate any math problem right away and save the world from something. I have been the go to for math problems in the office (“What’s 60 divided by 4?” —Chaun Osburn). I like math and stuff, so it is perfect.

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