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December 20, 2020 uncategorized

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We talk a lot about branding on our blog, but we rarely discuss our thought process in the design phase. Design is a key tool in communicating a brand experience, and even the soundest strategy can fail if not communicated correctly through design. There are a wide range of variables when approaching design, however there are several considerations that we believe are essential to every project… Read on for more details..


The Audience:

Who will be experiencing the design and what is the most effective way to reach them? What do they respond positively to and how do they commonly perceive things?

Industry Trends:

What is common practice in the marketplace, and more importantly what aspects are familiar and expected by our audience? Identifying industry trends are essential for both creating a differentiated experience and providing familiar experiences in the right places that the audience will identify with.

Best Practices:

What is the best approach to the project from a technical standpoint? There are certain unwavering design principals and practices that should be incorporated into practice on all projects.

Brand Foundation:

Finally, what is the unique essence of the brand and how can it be translated into art and copy? This is essential to building an emotional connection with the audience and communicating the expressed promise of the brand experience.

Certainly there are a myriad of other factors that make up good design, however these interconnecting considerations can be referred to on any project. The venn diagram above illustrates how these points interact with each other and what they ultimately produce when joined successfully.

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