Wishing You A Very Prehistoric Holiday

December 3, 2020 work

At Urban Influence we like to think we’re a pretty festive bunch. We love the holidays, and we love using it as an excuse to put our talent to work.

Last year, we made a nifty mini-site with solemn holiday chanting. This year, we introduced a prehistoric counterpart to Holiday Harold – a blue wooly mammoth we named Holiday Herman. We also wanted to show off our cool little office in Capitol Hill in Seattle, complete with anthropomorphic bears, squirrels, our pigeon mascot, and Harold camping out.

The site’s been featured on One Page Love, nominated on CSS Design Awards, and could use some of your awesome votes on Awwwards!

For a little bit on how we made this animated web scene: we first had our kickass designers, Mary and Chaun, start meticulously detailing out the illustrations. Then, our front-end team (Steve and Constance – hi, that’s me!) animated it all out using CSS keyframes. With all due modesty, I thought the results turned out pretty killer.

As accompaniment pieces to our mini-site, we designed wine bottles as gifts for our clients, and created a fairly hilarious video featuring Holiday Herman and a typical day at Urban Influence. Watch it, seriously. I smile maybe two, three times a day max, and even I cracked up. Props to our video guy, Ryan, for this one!

Well, I’m sure you have better things to do than listen to me ramble on, and it’s not like I can top that video, so I’ll wrap it up here. All of us at Urban Influence hope your holidays are amazing (so amazing they’re prehistoric). Share them with us on Instagram with the hashtag #PrehistoricHoliday – we’ll be sending the best ones a holiday T-shirt as a prize!

See you next year!
The Urban Influence team

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