A strategic rebrand for the nicest people in finance

CARS was a pioneering philanthropic financial analysis company enjoying a nice 10 year run on grants and seed money. However, they were keenly aware that a head-to-toe rebrand was required to take their operation to the next level.

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Guiding a Brand to Good

All of CARS’ employees, investors, and CDFIs universally agreed that the name was not only confusing, but a roadblock to growth — and the auto industry jokes were undoubtably getting old. For their prospects and customers, approachability is just as important as ethics and trustworthiness. Starting with the name, and extending into the visual identity and website, it was time to clean house and rebuild on a proper foundation.

We chose the name “Aeris” because it’s connotation of lightness and transparency juxtaposed well with the gravitas and seriousness of the Company. It’s accessible, conveying values of integrity and accountability without having use words “integrity and accountability.”

Taking It to the Streets

The Aeris site had to strike a fine balance between approachability and authority. To accomplish this, we combined friendly photography, navigation inspired iconography, and a reserved yet vibrant palette for a cohesive experience that informs, engages and directs. The simplified maze in the logo mark is echoed across the navigation inspired product names. The goal – to reinforcing their Guiding Capital to Good tagline, by implying a complex path made clear.