Making social media management, well, a cinch

Cinchshare came to us looking for a new brand, a web app, and custom code that they could implement for their social media sharing platform. They had a software product they had built just for themselves, but that unexpectedly took off with other users, and now they needed their brand to catch up with their growing audience.

Branding Print Strategy Web Design & Development


Above all else, Cinchshare needed to be approachable. A pleasant surprise. A friendly voice saying, “This doesn’t have to be painful. It might even be fun.” We did in-depth research & analysis of the company and their customers, and created a solid brand foundation based on core principles of simplicity, community and freedom. We chose bright, refreshing visuals and began outlining copy, images, and modular UI elements that would speak their language.

A SAAS Interface

We weren’t building for a tool tech pros; these were moms, dads, and weekend warriors trying to run a business. So the interface needed to be intuitive and dead simple, and of course, all pretty and stuff. We focused on making it easy to locate and engage the most important actions, like uploading images, cross-posting across social media platforms, filtering posts to custom audiences, and scheduling future posts (so users can step away from the computer and get back to the work they actually want to do).

Creating A Toolkit

Since we wouldn’t actually be implementing the backend codebase – our focus was on develping a modular front-end framework containing UX patterns for all current and future requirements. This inlcuded all the self-authored, object-oriented css and js for such features as datepickers, popups, tooltips, dropdowns, alerts, typographic systems, off-canvas menus, custom iconography, and more. The framework was well commented and documented, with explainations of all the elements, how they worked, and code examples.

A Site to Explain it All

What’s the point of a beautiful brand if no one can find it? Cinchshare needed a website where they could show off their product and entice new users to come aboard. We took those principles guiding their entire brand build — simplicity, community, freedom — and sprinkled them all across a site that simultaneously mirrored the colors, icons, and navigation of their brand spanking new software.