Formidable Labs

A Seattle-based dev shop leading the pack on that new school Javascript hotness.

You like Space? We gotcha bruv. The new Formidable is a WP to static build focused on dope interactions, animations, transitions, and a wee bit of spacetastic Canvas.

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Agency Technology

Preparing for Liftoff

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A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Any tech geek worth his or her collection of Star Wars figurines eats, sleeps and breathes outer space. What is more “Formidable” than the great unknown of outer space, after all? The long and the short of it — they were ready to be launched into orbit around a great site.

Guardrails are often the key to great creative. So when Formidable showed up to the party with strict branding standards — two fonts and two colors — we were more than up for the challenge. In spite of the fact that they are a development shop for front end systems, imagery around their day-to-day work was limited. We knew we’d need to work within their guidelines to create a visual language to embody the tech systems side of the work they do.