Global Traffic Scorecard

INRIX is the leader in big data analytics for global driving, parking, and traffic applications. We worked closely with the INRIX team to develop a large-scale Wp build enhanced with JavaScript and interactive data visualizations.

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Headquartered in Seattle, with offices worldwide, INRIX develops a variety of mobile and in-car applications that seek to make urban mobility more intelligent. If you drive a car, have ever used a traffic / parking app, or just live in a city, you’ve undoubtably interacted with an INRIX product, or a product using INRIX data.

As the Company offers a large set of products and solutions, across a wide-range of industries, telling their story was no simple matter. It was essential that we deliver a CMS that would provide their digital team with full control over content creation and authorship. We worked closely with the INRIX team to develop a detailed appreciation for their needs and market, including a large-scale WordPress build enhanced with JavaScript, interactive data visualizations, and a custom illustration style.


Global Scorecard

In addition to their new marketing site and CMS, a project highlight involved transforming their impressive and exhaustive city traffic big data through interactive data visualization. Each year, INRIX releases their Global Traffic Scorecards based on stats collected across in 1,064 cities, in 38 countries (the largest study of its kind). This year, we collaborated with their in-house data scientists to develop an SPA-style dashboard of city raking stats, relating to a variety of traffic congestion metrics.

The INRIX Scorecards page and reporting received a great deal of high profile attention, including articles on Wired MagazineGeekWireSeattle TimesThe Washington PostYahoo FinancePhilly VoiceFox News.


  • Large Scale Wp project, with over 10 Custom Post Types and Module-based admin experience
  • Chart.js for visualization of Scorecard data
  • Handlebars (.hbs) templates and custom helpers to pull city data from json and dynamically populate a single page view
  • Custom Filterable and sortable table for city selection
  • Custom Google map integration for dynamic city data